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July 02, 2010



I think this is really exciting stuff for anyone who uses air travel at all, but it's going to be great for technologists and entrepreneurs working in the same space.


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It's an exciting time for online travel services: Google, ITA and Travelstormer. Yesterday, we were really excited to see Travelstormer launch

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This involves those companies with a large platform of information and understanding which would comprise a large community good if only the community had accessibility it.

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For air travel excellent staff, we really good to get Travelstotmer.


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However, the online travel services are best for everyone who use flights for traveling. I think the services provide by travelstormer are excellent.

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I'd also bet that in the future, there might also be some fairly solid positive externalities to come out of this for those of us involved in the online travel sector.

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Online travel services its good news for us. we will enjoy this service..

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